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Natalia Forrat forthcoming 2022

Civil Society in Russia: Compliance with and Resistance to the State. In Russian Politics Today: Stability and Fragility, ed. Susanne A. Wengle. Cambridge University Press.​​

Natalia Forrat 2021

This bibliography includes select academic sources published in the last two decades that shed light on civic mobilization in authoritarian contexts. The included studies focus on mobilization episodes that took place after World War II. Their primary interest is the mobilization from below rather than the politics at the elite-level or mobilization that is driven by the elite-level politics.

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Karrie J. Koesel, Valerie Bunce, and Jessica Chen Weiss, Eds. Citizens and the State in Authoritarian Regimes: Comparing China and Russia. Journal of Chinese Political Science (2020). (download here the unofficial version)

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